Cog Life Comics returns for its second annual anthology! Again centred on a one-word theme, Survivor features a collection of short stories spanning across styles and genres.

Declan Montgomery, cover artist on Isolation, makes his comic debut as writer and illustrator on ‘Wight Moon’ – a humble blacksmith’s struggle to survive and save his family from a vicious monster attack.

‘New Marathon’, written by ‘The Art of Running’ Matt Crehan, beautifully illustrated by Daryl Gillham and lettered by Toben Racicot, follows a collection of runners playing their part in a post-apocalyptic America.

Mike West returns with his love-letter to Hammer Horror movies in ‘The Night Shift’. A mundane news story about a newly constructed motorway turns out to be Channel 333’s most dangerous piece of journalism yet. What secrets prowl in the rural town of Howle?

What remains after we don’t survive? Jon Slater’s ‘End of the Road’ focuses on Jane and her tale from loss to acceptance after a tragic accident.

Finally, ‘Follow-Up’ written by Mike West and illustrated by Benjamin Filby peers into a Los Angeles recording studio occupied by the band Survivor.


Survivor can be read digitally on Comichaus or bought from our shop.