Our Story

Forged in the creative fires of Thoughtbubble Sequential Art Festival 2016, Dec, Jon, Mike and Matt vowed to create a comic book and exhibit it next year. True to their word, the anthology Isolation was debuted at Thoughtbubble 2017 alongside the second print of 2015 Best Sports Book Finalist, The Art of Running: The Steve Prefontaine Story.
This marked the beginning of Cog Life Comic’s entrance into the brilliant UK independent comic scene and as they gear up to release the diverse anthologies “A Celebration of Life”, “Survivor” and individual projects such as “The Genetic Race” and “The Night Shift”, Cog Life will solidify their status as a creative and hardworking collective.


The Cogs


Matt Crehan

Matthew Crehan is a professional comic author, who relaunched classic British comic character Alf Tupper: The Tough of the Track in Athletics Weekly magazine back in 2014 and published his first creator-owned graphic novel, The Art of Running in 2015. He has also had a number of comic stories published by GrayHaven and Ninth Art Press.

You can follow Matt on Instagram @gocre91


Declan Montgomery

Declan Montgomery is an artist and all round creative from Rock Ferry. His skill-set producing fabrication specs’ and technical drawings in his day job form the basis of his official illustrative experience. Cog Life allows him to ‘Escape the Machine’ and pour his time into creative projects, narratives and endeavours beyond spec-sheets  and CAD. Artistically he has a love for 2,000 AD’s art-style and a love for all things Lovecraftian.

You can follow Dec on Instagram @modern_monty


Jon Slater

A master of none, Jon likes to get stuck into every aspect of the creative process – writing, drawing, lettering, even editing and collating our anthologies. Jon enjoys looking at and drawing animals and is influenced by various flights of fantasy from film and video games, alongside the crushing realism of everyday life.

You can follow Jon on Twitter @little_jons



Mike West

Mike West is a writer and musician from Rock Ferry who loves music, the Universal Monsters, B Movies and Nicolas Cage. Mike is also an artist if the project involves Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti. A writer of comics, short stories and songs, Mike loves the supernatural and unusual, juxtaposed against the mundane and everyday.

You can follow Mike on Twitter @mike333west

You can also find Mike’s music here and on Spotify.