Cog Life Comics was nurtured, developed and founded amongst the cultural melting pot of the iconic Liverpool docks.

Liverpool a city that has never stopped trying to escape the machine, from its industrial revolutionary era, where the iconic Albert Docks imported and exported cotton and coal and which found its self-home to the White Star Line and the registry port of the tragic RMS Titanic.

Then through the 20th century it’s people would be subjugated by the bombardment of the Luftwaffe and hit hard by the Great Depression, and yet those same people and this amazing city would rally as the 1960’s dawned launching the Britsih Invasion as the rise of the ‘Merseybeat’ sound and The globally known Beatles ensured that Liverpool would have a place in the heart of the world forever.


And now in the present day Liverpool, though still, a city oppressed, now by its suffering due to a North-South divide, is the breeding ground of culture from food and music to art and theatre.


And Cog Life Comics is truly at home telling the weird and the wonderful, the bizarre and the real, and the past, present and future. So if you want to experience the heart-wrenching, minding-bending fantasia that only the best UK independent comic books have to offer, then you are home!

Our Story

Formed in 2016 by the some would say mad, others genius mind’s of four friends, Cog Life Comics grew from a simple chat over coffee while attending the fantastic Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival in Leeds to the first book, as single anthology created together – Isolation.

It then spiraled out of control into an independent comic book line of books featuring the reprint of 2015 Best Sports Book Finalist the graphic novel, The Art of Running: The Steve Prefontaine Story, Dave the The Partime Exorcist and The Genetic Race to name but a few of the diverse creator-owned comic books that make up the Cog Life Comics line.