Cog Life Comics is a UK based collective that began with a simple question between four friends looking for an escape from their jobs and the machine they felt ensnared in. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we made our own comic?”

From that question, the first anthology Isolation was created in 2017 and launched Cog Life into the vibrant and diverse waters of the UK independent comic scene to a great reception. Cog Life Comic’s anthologies perfectly encapsulate the unique perspectives of each creator, combining them into a gripping read. From horror to fantasy, sci-fi to action and with the addition of sports biopic The Art of Running, Cog Life Comics dive into any and every genre they desire to create the most interesting and entertaining stories they can.

Cog Life Comic’s driving force is to create a captivating story and have fun along the way. Releasing an inspired anthology every year, alongside their individual projects, Cog Life want to create a catalogue that gives the reader a rollercoaster ride of emotion, action and suspense as they escape the machine.